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My Tattoos

  • Yinyang
    So after two sitttings, seven hours, a lot of money, and almost passing out once, this is what I have on my lower back. I had it done by John from Blue Heron Tattoo in Derry, NH in June of '05. I've never actually remembered the name of my other tattoo artists, but John made sure I remembered his. He did a wonderful job and I think I may be loyal to him forever. I've said that about other men before, but never a tattoo artist. It's actually funny to see how pale I am. I'm almost corpse-like. I'm definitely getting another one by the end of the summer, so there will be another picture in here soon.

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101 Things In 1001 Days

  • 1. get a job in a field that I love.

    2. make at least $50,000 a year.

    3. be in charge of a bookstore, including everything, the buck will stop with me.

    4. read 100 more books in 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.(13/100)

    5. move out of my parents house.

    6. buy a house.

    7. buy a dog, or two. The second one to keep the first one company while I'm at work.

    8. learn Spanish.

    9. learn photography, and how to develop my own photographs.

    10. lose 10 more pounds.(5/10)

    11. get into shape. The sort of shape where you can bounce a quarter off my abs.

    12. exercise regularly. At least 5 days a week, for at least 30 minutes a day.(2)

    13. go back to the martial arts.

    14. get a tattoo of a phoenix on my upper back.

    15. figure out my relationship with God (god?).

    16. learn to meditate. Do it at least once a week.

    17. have 10 months of emergency money saved up.

    18. be totally credit card debt free.

    19. buy a car that goes zoom.

    20. have enough collateral to get a loan to open a bookstore.

    21. invest in real estate.

    22. cook an authentic dish from around the world at least once a week.(4)

    23. learn how to pair beer with food.

    24. learn how to pair wine with food.

    25. take up some sort of holistic healing.

    26. learn to truly listen.

    27. blog at least twice a month.(2/33)

    28. make peace with my mistakes.

    29. learn to cook a vegetarian meal that is phenomenal.

    30. try yoga.

    31. figure out the difference between accept and except, so I don't have to avoid using them in type. Improve my English usage, and word choice overall.

    32. learn to make furniture. Be able to make at least one usable piece.

    33. learn how cars work, on a more intricate level than the gas pedal makes it go. Be able to do my own rudimentary maintenance and repair.

    34. plant a vegetable and herb garden.

    35. landscape a yard.

    36. read at least 175 books. This includes those from number 4.(83/175)

    37. have my own library. Have one room of my house devoted entirely to books.

    38. start a cookbook collection. Have cookbooks from at least 30 countries.

    39. learn how to make really good barbeque.

    40. drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. I try, but I'm not consistent.

    41. buy/make a bar. Learn how to make 10 decent drinks without using recipes.

    42. become flexible enough to touch my toes.

    43. learn to love my body.

    44. give up TV for a week.

    45. give up the computer for a week.

    46. inspire at least two other people to make one of these lists.(1/2)

    47. go to the doctor and have a physical.

    48. eat vegetarian for a week.

    49. buy really good tea. Stop drinking the crap that comes in bags.

    50. find decent green tea. Drink one cup a day, from a pretty metal pot.

    51. buy an iPod. Fill it with a wide variety of enriching music, including: rock, jazz, blues, r & b, rap, classical, world, and Johnny Cash.

    52. bench press 100 pounds.

    53. buy a share in a local farm.

    54. watch a sunrise on purpose.

    55. give blood.

    56. read a great religious book from at least 4 religions.

    57. donate to three different charities.

    58. save at least $100 per month. Save at least $100 a week if living with parents. This will begin once number 1 has been realized.

    59. start another retirement account.

    60. go back to library. Visit it at least once per month (more often if I want to avoid late fees).

    61. abstain from alcohol for 2 weeks.

    62. fill a recipe book. Okay just make one, and compile at least 100 recipes.

    63. drive to a state I've never been to. Vacation there for at least 4 days.

    64. go to a foreign country. Stay for at least a week.

    65. actually learn to speak French.

    66. donate my hair to Locks of Love; again.

    67. spend a day at a spa with a friend. Perhaps several friends.

    68. read a Harry Potter book in French.

    69. read a Harry Potter book in Spanish.

    70. start learning Latin.

    71. buy a kick ass mattress and new bedroom set.

    72. buy 2 new pairs of Doc Martens, in a color other than black.

    73. take a flying lesson.

    74. go skydiving.

    75. learn to go to sleep before 4 am, without sleeping pills.

    76. try 10 new restaurants.(5/10)

    77. see 15 movies in the theater.(4/15)

    78. clean out car, and keep it clean.

    79. rewrite business plan. This applies to end of project, as I want it to be current then.

    80. go to another Red Sox game.

    81. go with my family to a Patriots game.

    82. write a living will and discuss it with my loved ones.

    83. cull my clothes, boots, old borders tee shirts, and give things I don't need to charity.

    84. give 5 simple gifts to friends for no reason.

    85. make one new close friend.

    86. learn the 50 states.

    87. learn rudimentary speed reading. Increase reading speed from 40 pages a minute to 60 pages a minute.

    88. fly a kite on a breezy day.

    89. take one college course.

    90. volunteer at a charity for at least one full work day (8 hours for normal humans).

    91. climb 3 mountains. Or climb the same mountain 3 times.(3/3)

    92. buy a bike. Go on one 20 mile bike trip.

    93. buy the Godfather trilogy on DVD. Watch it in one day while eating Italian food. Invite friends.

    94. play in the rain on a summer day.

    95. find three occasions to wear a dress.

    96. donate my current car to charity.

    97. go one month without purchasing any non-necessities.

    98. read a book to a child.

    99. go see an author speak. Purchase the book and have it signed.

    100. buy a beautiful, handmade leather bag.

    101. rewrite another list on the 1001st day, rolling over everything I could not finish.